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Berggren’s Legal services cover all aspects of our client’s legal matters in their day-to-day business. Berggren Legal is a part of the worldwide, leading IP firm in Finland, Berggren Oy.

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Blog article by Paula de Anrés Gómes
22.03.2024 | Paula de Andrés Gómez
Get More Bang for the Buck Using the European Union as a Basis for Global Design Strategies

In today's competitive landscape, securing a wide range of IP rights is a key part of a company´s overall business strategy. In this article we specifically discuss advantages of obtaining design..

EU AI act, blog article by Arttu Ahava
22.03.2024 | Arttu Ahava
EU AI Act is on its way!

The AI Act is almost ready At the tail end of a long, multi-stage legislative process, the Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) of the European Union is finally nearing completion as the European..

WTR1000 results - Berggren
14.02.2024 | Berggren
Berggren Recognized in 2024 WTR (World Trademark Review) 1000 Survey

Berggren has again been recognized by the WTR 1000 survey which each year evaluates the world's leading trademark professionals. The firm is particularly pleased to announce that Berggren has won the..